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Buzzwords In the Band Room #1

By James Swislocki posted 11-23-2017 01:11

"Flipping the Classroom" - Every week my students perform music they select for their classmates during 'Showcase Friday'.  It is a throwback to the show-and-tell concept from elementary school.  The music can be from our method books, the concert repertoire, private lesson material, or pieces they find on their own at the music store or internet.  Students have sung or performed on their band instruments, piano, ocarina, and even a nose flute.  They perform solo or with their classmates.  This year I started to post some of the best on my YouTube channel.  'Showcase Fridays' incorporate student choice, collaboration, communication with parents, and student engagement.  Please visit my channel for some examples and subscribe if you like what you hear/see.

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03-31-2018 20:36

Hi James,
Thank you for sharing your learning method for "Flipping the Classroom" with us! I appreciate the ideas and I'm looking forward to implementing this type of lesson into my classroom. 
Another thought I had with this is to, once in a while, let the students choose music for their peers to play as a sight reading lesson. The students that are choosing the music for another one will learn what parameters they need to stay within regarding the other instrument. It will also help with the fact that all musicians should practice their sight reading skills as much as possible!
Do you see this as something that could work in your classroom?
I look forward to seeing more ideas!
Thank you! 

11-26-2017 22:35

James, great stuff! I do something similar, and it's a blast. I had one beginner write out all the fingerings to Harry Potter before she could read the notes to perform for the class (in her 3rd week)! There's a thirst for learning out there!
Keep up the great work, James!