Preschool Music Curriculum

By Rachel Albrecht posted 08-05-2018 21:28

Perhaps one of the great things about teaching preschool music is the freedom to make your own curriculum. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most frustrating things. While much research has been done on the effects of music at this age group, there is very little that is known on how to teach it. Most states don't even have a music standard for this age group. Why? At such an important age of discovery, growth, and learning, why does it seem overlooked in the music realm? That is what I want to discover and hopefully bring influence to: how to teach and prepare current and future teachers how to teach music to preschool aged children, and how we can work together to bring up more creative musicians in our schools, starting from the very beginning..."a very good place to start".
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11 days ago

Dear Rachael Albrecht,

I think this is a great point and I would love to learn more about. I want to teach elementary music and even younger, like preschool music if possible. This is definitely something that has crossed my mind, and have also wondered about.  

Thank you, 
Faith Greene