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Buzzwords in the Band Room #3

By James Swislocki posted 12-08-2017 23:27

"Depth of Knowledge" - Webb's Depth of Knowledge is related to Bloom's Taxonomy.  Depth of Knowledge Overview Chart Since we are limited to the number of assessments we can administer it matters how we ask the questions and what we ask our students to do to demonstrate they are learning how to read and perform music on their own.  The following attachments were developed with the expertise of Ohio assessment expert Thomas Rounds.

How we ask the questions...
2017 Advanced Band Written Final (2nd year band)
page 2 - Part D - There may be more than one correct answer in the box which means the students need to know the meaning of every term and cannot play the process of elimination game.  All answers are possible with no humorous or obviously incorrect options.
page 2 - Part E - Students are challenged again because they cannot eliminate the terms they know and fill in the remainder because there are considerably more options than empty blanks to fill in.
page 1 - Parts A & C - Even in lower level test items like labeling symbols students can be challenged because a word bank is not provided slightly raising its D.O.K.

What we ask our students to do...
Rhythm Etude Composition and Playing Test
Students compose their own rhythm etude within a given framework.  The teacher proofreads the composition before the students record their rhythm etude.  The children refine their composition and their performance using a self-assessment rubric and teacher feedback.  The students are provided with choice and stretched to a higher level of D.O.K.
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08-07-2018 17:53

Thanks for posting this information! It's great to see such inventive examples!