Buzzwords In the Band Room #2

By James Swislocki posted 11-30-2017 21:10

"Self-Evaluation" - A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away my students were required to fill out a paper practice chart with the number of minutes they played at home each day and turn it in to me at the end of the week with a parent's signature.  Now, I utilize a Google form that requires my students to engage in some self-evaluation and goal setting each week.  The purpose of the form is to encourage students to concentrate on correct repetitions instead of minutes practiced, evaluate their area of strength for the past week, and set a goal in the area they want to improve during the current week.  Please feel free to check out the Practice Chart my students complete each Friday at the beginning of class during attendance by clicking the link below.  I post the link for my students under the ABOUT tab of our Google classroom so it is always in the same location.

Practice Chart
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11 days ago

Dear James Swislocki, 

I think this self-evaluation chart is a great idea! It's a great way to keep students accountable and it also gives you insight into how each student thinks their progress is going. 

Thank you, 
Faith Greene